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Alcohol Prevention

San Juan County Partnership works to reduce underage drinking, binge drinking, and drinking while intoxicated through environmental prevention efforts.

Community DWI (CDWI) Program

The CDWI Program is funded through a $75.00 fee imposed on convicted drunk drivers, as allowed by NMSA 1978, Section 31-12-7(B) and NMAC 18.20.6.  CDWI funding allows local law enforcement to add additional patrols specific to underage drinking and DWI.  San Juan County Partnership uses funding for prevention, public information, and education.   Prevention efforts include presentations, educational media campaigns, and coordinating community efforts.

Office of Substance Abuse and Prevention (OSAP)

Work under OSAP includes:

  • Developing and strengthening enforcement of Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs (ATOD) policies at schools
  • Raising awareness of local law enforcement efforts around DWI and underage drinking
  • Increasing community awareness and knowledge about the dangers of underage drinking and the fact that it is a 4th degree felony to provide alcohol to minors

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