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San Juan County Partnership was established in 1991, through a grant from the US Dept. of Health and Human Services, to form a coalition to address substance abuse prevention. Realizing that substance abuse affects many aspects of community issues, the purpose of the Partnership was expanded to include community wellness. An initial community wide, comprehensive needs assessment was completed for release in 1996. This document served as the framework for strategic planning and as the basis for SJCP’s work in the County and the survey has been conducted every four years since 1996.

After the initial grant that established the Partnership expired, the organization continued to apply for grants and contracts that would support the work that had begun. Federal, State, County and private sources have sustained the Partnership up to and including the present.

For almost all of the Partnership’s years of operation, offices have been located in San Juan College facilities, and SJCP has enjoyed a collaborative relationship with the College, providing services to staff, faculty and students. Over the years, SJCP has established strong working relationships with local government entities, school districts, law enforcement, health care providers, businesses, agencies, organizations and the general public.

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