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Housing Assistance

The San Juan County Partnership Housing Assistance Program helps those who are homeless and those in danger of becoming homeless with supportive services such as:

  • Outreach to identify, coordinate and refer homeless persons and families to appropriate service providers while addressing their housing issues
  • Financial assistance, which may include utility deposits, security deposits, rental assistance and eviction prevention

Some of the various housing assistance programs include:

  • Homeless prevention funds that provide assistance with paying arrears and possibly 3 months rental assistance, based on funding availability. Families need to have an eviction notice or 3 day notice of non payment. The rental has to be under San Juan County’s FMR (Fair Market Rent) and has to pass inspection. There are Income limits.
  • Rapid Rehousing funds provide assistance with security/utility deposits and possibly 3 months rental assistance based on funding availability. Families have to be considered literally homeless, for example, coming from shelters, DV shelters or living in uninhabitable living places. There are income limits.
  • CDBG funds through the City of Farmington provide security/utility deposits and first or pro-rated month depending on when families move into the rental. Families have to be considered literally homeless. With this funding, HUD income limits can be exceeded up to a certain amount. This funding only serves clients within the city limits of Farmington.
  • Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) can provide security/utility deposits and 6 months rental assistance. Head of household has to be considered disabled and chronically homeless. Chronically homeless means that the head of household has been continuously homeless for 1 year or has had 4 episodes of homelessness within 3 years that total 12 months. This funding has income limits.

The housing assistance office is located at

Farmington Indian Center
100 W Elm
Farmington, NM 87401

For more information please contact

Angelina Martin, Client Coordinator


Lynn Love, Program Manager and Resource Coordinator


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