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How We Make A Difference

San Juan County Partnership strives to make our county a better place to live through the following:

  • We help to decrease alcohol, marijuana and other drug use by youth.
  • We warn people about the consequences of providing alcohol to minors.
  • We help to decrease drinking and driving in all ages.
  • We provide information to help decrease prescription drug misuse and abuse that can, in turn, decrease opioid use, addiction and overdose deaths.
  • We work to improve nutrition and exercise options for school children and the community at large.
  • We manage a national volunteer service program that helps train member to help their communities.
  • We help homeless people obtain housing and help people who are about to become homeless to stay in housing.
  • We promote cultural competency and  appreciation and work toward better community relations.
  • We provide services and information to help people make good lifestyle choices.
  • We work with other entities to maximize what we all have to help our residents.
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